LOGOS Speech and Debate

Statement on COVID 19

LOGOS recognizes that this is an unusual time and as such, we wanted to let you know our position on the Governor’s Executive Order, the COVID virus and mask wearing.

It is our position that LOGOS Speech and Debate, as well as the Development Seminars are private activities, held by a private group, in a private residence and that it is not accessible to the public. Only our registered students and members of their household will be attending. Therefore, we do not fall under the definition of a Public Indoor Space. Additionally, individuals that are giving a speech are exempt under the Executive Order. All of our instructors and any student giving a speech or performing a verbal drill would be exempt as well. Also, wearing a mask can pose a health risk to some and they are exempt from mask wearing. Further, the ADA and HIPPA laws protect individuals from disclosing any condition considered PHI.

All actions and interactions carry some inherent risk. A free people cannot truly be free and totally safe from any harm at the same time. Recognizing that the sick should stay home for protective reasons and the healthy should be free to participate in normal activities, we hold the following position regarding masks for club and camps:

Ultimately, each family is responsible for the health of their students. Only parents can determine if their students or someone in their family has a vulnerability or underlying health condition that would jeopardize their safety if they attended camp. If a family wants their child(ren) to wear masks, they should make that clear to their child(ren). Sick children should not attend club or camp. Good hygiene should always be practiced when coughing or sneezing.

*By sending your student to LOGOS activities, you are acknowledging that they are free from signs and symptoms of a contagious illness.*

LOGOS will encourage the following:

1. Anyone who is uncomfortable being around others due to potential exposure is encouraged to wear a mask.
2. Masks will NOT be required of students or adults.
3. Before any meals we will encourage students to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
4. Sick students should stay home.
5. All persons should practice good hygiene when coughing or sneezing.

LOGOS will not:

1. Force students or adults, to wear masks.
2. Ask students or adults to disclose any condition that prevents them from mask wearing.
3. Police personal health, monitor temperatures, or provide personal protective equipment.
4. Police social interactions between students or adults.