Welcome LOGOS Speech and Debate 2019

For LOGOS this year, I will be trying the Flowpad registration site to sign up for club. This is used by almost all of the tournaments as well as Stoa Registration, so it will be good to become familiar with it now.

Please click on Student Registration and enter the information requested. This will allow me to get all student and parent information in one spot more easily. Since there is a different price for more than one student in your family, you will find labeled "Student 1", "Student 2" etc. This doesn't need to correspond to age or any other order if you have multiple students. The first one you register, click on Student 1, and the second one, Student 2, etc. This will calculate the registration fees for LOGOS for the year. You will be given the option pay for club registration through PayPal or Stripe, or if you prefer, you can still use a check or Federal Reserve Notes, otherwise known as cash. If you pay by that method, I will enter the amount into the site manually, which is easy to do. You can make a lump sum payment, or make payments throughout the year if that works better for you.

I may occasionally send out emails from this site, but will likely send from gmail or outlook. I'm trialing this registration method this year, and will evaluate how well it works to determine if I use it again for next year.

Again, welcome to LOGOS Speech and Debate. I'm looking forward to a great year. Please contact me with any questions.

Steven Vaughan, Coach
LOGOS Speech and Debate